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NYSE companies:

Exxon Mobil Corp, General Electric Co, China Mobile, PetroChina Co Ltd, BP PLC, BERKSHIRE HATH HLD A, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Johnson & Johnson Inc, BHP Billiton Ltd, ChevronTexaco Corp, more...

NASDAQ companies:

Microsoft Corp, Google Inc, Cisco Systems Inc, Apple Computer Inc, Intel Corp, Oracle Corp, Qualcomm Inc, Amgen Inc, Dell Inc, Telefon AB LM Ericsson, more...

AMEX companies:

British American Tobacco PLC, Imperial Oil Ltd, SunGard Data Systems, Inc, Electrolux AB, Premcor Inc, Ivax Corp, United States Cellular Corp, InterNAP Network Services Corp, Ultra Petroleum Inc, Magic Lantern Group Inc, more...

Mutual Funds

ING FMR Large Cap Growth Service 2, JPMorgan U.S. Large Cap Core Plus Select, American Beacon Lg Cap Value AMR, DWS Dreman High Return Eq Instl, PIMCO CommodityRealRet Strat D, MainStay ICAP Equity I, Principal Inv Ptr MidCap Value I Instl, Legg Mason Opportunity Institutional, BlackRock S&P 500 Index A, Allianz OCC Target D, more...

Sectors / Industries


Services, Financial, Technology, Healthcare, Basic Materials, Consumer Cyclical, Energy, Capital Goods, Consumer Non-Cyclical, Utilities, Transportation, Conglomerates,


Regional Banks, Biotechnology & Drugs, Closed-End Funds, Software & Programming, Investment Services, more...

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 Intel Corp  [News Query]
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 -17.68%   (Avg Vol: $168.05 M)
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The site is performing analysis of the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stock market data and it is updated weekly with the latest results. The current focus is in the following areas:

Random Walk Modeling
The probability distribution for the individual stock prices is calculated and compared to current performance. Min/Max and Average distribution graphs are drawn for the current year, as well as for the stock history. Past years are color-coded to provide an at-a-glance view of annual performance.
If you do not know what a random walk is, read a short theoretical description, plus have a look at an interactive applet.

Default Prediction
Currently, the Z-score method of default prediction is used to determine how "healthy" each company appears.

Fundamental Analysis
The financial statements of each company are used to calculate measures that show whether there is a promising investment opportunity.