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NYSE MKT index: A

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Company list ( = link to the company website, = inactive symbol):

24 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Sector Industry
Company WebsiteAAMCAltisource Asset Management Corp$110.3MFinancialsReal Estate Services
Company WebsiteAAUAlmaden Minerals Ltd. (USA)$122.2MBasic MaterialsGold Mining
Company WebsiteABEAberdeen Emrg Mkts Smlr Co Oppts Fd Inc$130.8MFinancialsClosed End Funds
Company WebsiteACUAcme United Corporation$93.2MIndustrialsBusiness Support Supplies
Company WebsiteACYAeroCentury Corp.$15.7MFinancialsCommercial Leasing
Company WebsiteADGEAmerican DG Energy Inc$16.2MEnergyRenewable Energy Equipment & Services
Company WebsiteADKAdCare Health Systems, Inc.$18.4MHealthcareHome Healthcare Services
Company WebsiteAEAdams Resources & Energy Inc$163.5MEnergyOil & Gas Refining and Marketing
Company WebsiteAFCOAmerican Farmland Co$169.6MFinancialsReal Estate Services
Company WebsiteAIIIACRE Realty Investors Inc$23.7MFinancialsResidential REITs
Company WebsiteAINCAshford Inc$117.6MFinancialsInvestment Management & Fund Operators
Company WebsiteAIRIAir Industries Group Inc$26.8MIndustrialsAircraft Parts Manufacturing
Company WebsiteAKGAsanko Gold Inc$493.2MBasic MaterialsGold Mining
Company WebsiteALNAmerican Lorain Corporation$21.8MConsumer Non-CyclicalFood Processing
Company WebsiteAMPEAmpio Pharmaceuticals Inc$31.9MHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteAMSAmerican Shared Hospital Services$23.4MConsumer Non-CyclicalConsumer Goods Rental
Company WebsiteAPTAlpha Pro Tech, Ltd.$45.8MHealthcareMedical Equipment
Company WebsiteASMAvino Silver and Gold Mines Ltd$81.3MBasic MaterialsIntegrated Mining
Company WebsiteASTAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc$140.8MHealthcareBiotechnology & Medical Research
Company WebsiteATNMActinium Pharmaceuticals Inc$86.4MHealthcareBio Therapeutic Drugs
Company WebsiteAUMNGolden Minerals Co$48.0MBasic MaterialsSilver Mining
Company WebsiteAWXAvalon Holdings Corp$7.5MIndustrialsWaste Management, Disposal & Recycling Services
Company WebsiteAXNAoxing Pharmaceutical Company Inc$28.9MHealthcareGeneric Pharmaceuticals
Company WebsiteAXUAlexco Resource Corp. (USA)$105.6MIndustrialsEnvironmental