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516 Companies

  Symbol  Name  Market Cap  Exchange  Z-Score 
Company WebsiteFAXAberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc.$1.2BNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteIAFAberdeen Australia Equity Fund Inc$136.4MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteCHAberdeen Chile Fund, Inc.$62.2MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteABEAberdeen Emrg Mkts Smlr Co Oppts Fd Inc$121.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteFCOAberdeen Global Income Fund Inc$73.3MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteGCHAberdeen Greater China Fund Inc$90.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteIFAberdeen Indonesia Fund Inc$65.0MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteISLAberdeen Israel Fund Inc$69.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteJEQAberdeen Japan Equity Fund Inc$107.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteLAQAberdeen Latin America Equity Fund, Inc.$167.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteSGFAberdeen Singapore Fund Inc$80.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteADXAdams Diversified Equity Fund Inc$1.3BNYSE
Company WebsitePEOAdams Natural Resources Fund Inc$542.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteAVKAdvent Claymore Convertible Sec & Inc Fd$364.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteLCMAdvent/Claymore Enhanced Growth & Income$115.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteABDCAlcentra Capital Corp$181.7MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteAKPAlliance California Municipal Income Fun$112.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteAWFAllianceBernstein Global Hgh Incm Fd Inc$1.1BNYSE
Company WebsiteAFBAllianceBernstein Natnl Muncpl Incm Fnd.$372.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteNCVAllianzgi Convertible & Income Fund$581.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteNCZAllianzgi Convertible & Income Fund II$438.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteACVAllianzgi Diversified Incm and Cnvrtb Fd$222.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteAGDAlpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund$122.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteAWPAlpine Global Premier Properties Fund$479.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteAODAlpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund$895.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteACSFAmerican Capital Senior Floating Ltd$135.0MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteAINVApollo Investment Corp.$1.4BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteAFTApollo Senior Floating Rate Fund Inc$275.3MNYSE
AIFApollo Tactical Income Fund Inc$238.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteARCCAres Capital Corporation$7.3BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteASAASA Gold and Precious Metals Ltd$227.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteACPAvenue Income Credit Strategies Fund$178.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteBCVBancroft Fund Ltd.$109.0MNYSE MKT
BGHBarings Global Short Duratin Hgh Yld Fnd$396.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteBFZBlackrock California Mun. Income Trust$447.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteBJZBlackrock California Municipal 2018 Term$97.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteBKCCBlackrock Capital Investment Corp$543.9MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteBHKBlackRock Core Bond Trust$717.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteHYTBlackrock Corporate High Yield Fund Inc$1.4BNYSE
Company WebsiteBTZBlackrock Credit Allocation Income Trust$1.4BNYSE
Company WebsiteDSUBlackRock Debt Strategies Fund, Inc.$709.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBHL Inactive SymbolBlackrock Defined Opportunity Credit Tr$121.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteCIIBlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income Fd$633.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBDJBlackRock Enhanced Dividend Achievers Tr$1.6BNYSE
Company WebsiteEGFBlackRock Enhanced Government Fund Inc$95.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteFRABlackRock Floating Rate Income Strat. Fn$547.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBGTBlackRock Floating Rate Income Trust$343.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteBFOBlackRock Florida Municipal 2020 Term Tr$83.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBGRBlackRock Global Energy & Resources Trus$402.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteBOEBlackRock Global Opportunities Equity Tr$859.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteBMEBlackrock Health Sciences Trust$283.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteBKTBlackRock Income Trust$391.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteBAFBlackRock Insured Municipal Income Inves$124.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteBYMBlackRock Insured Municipal Income Trust$363.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteBGYBlackRock International Growth and Inco$635.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteBTABlackRock LT Municipal Advantage Trust$151.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteBLWBlackRock Ltd. Duration Income Trust$571.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBZMBlackrock Maryland Municipal Bond Trust$29.2MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteBITBlackrock Multi-Sector Income Trust$656.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBBFBlackRock Muni Income Investment Trust$142.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUIBlackrock Muni Intermediate Drtn Fnd Inc$522.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMNEBlackRock Muni New York Intr. Dur. Fnd.$56.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUA Inactive SymbolBlackrock Muniassets Fund, Inc.$507.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteBPKBlackrock Municipal 2018 Term Trust$239.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteBKKBlackrock Municipal 2020 Term Trust$319.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteBTTBlackrock Municipal 2030 Targt Term Trst$1.6BNYSE
Company WebsiteBBKBlackRock Municipal Bond Trust$153.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteBFKBlackrock Municipal Income Trust$609.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteBLEBlackRock Municipal Income Trust II$339.3MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteMENBlackrock MuniEnhanced Fund Inc.$331.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteMFLBlackRock MuniHolding Insured Investm$531.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUCBlackrock MuniHoldings CA Insrd Fnd Inc.$569.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUHBlackrock Muniholdings Fund II Inc.$168.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMHDBlackRock MuniHoldings Fund Inc.$228.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUSBlackrock MuniHoldings Insured Fd Inc.$168.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUEBlackrock Muniholdings Insured Fund II$292.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteMUJBlackRock MuniHoldings New Jersey Ins Fn$424.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteMHNBlackrock Muniholdings New York Qulty Fd$415.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMVTBlackrock Munivest Fund II Inc.$319.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteMVFBlackRock MuniVest Fund Inc.$609.0MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteMYCBlackRock MuniYield California Fund Inc.$313.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteMYDBlackrock Muniyield Fund Inc.$660.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteMYIBlackrock Muniyield Insured Fund Inc.$927.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteMFTBlackRock MuniYield Insured Investment$116.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteMYFBlackRock MuniYield Investment Fund$205.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMIYBlackrock Muniyield Michign Qulty Fd Inc$394.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteMYJBlackRock MuniYield New Jersey Fund, Inc$216.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteMYNBlackRock MuniYield New York Insured Fnd$502.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMPABlackRock MuniYield Pennsylvania Insured$186.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteMQTBlackrock Muniyield Quality Fund II Inc.$282.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteMQYBlackrock Muniyield Quality Fund Inc.$447.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteMCABlackrock Muniyld California Quty Fd Inc$495.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteBLJBlackrock New Jersey Municipal Bond Trst$34.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteBNJBlackrock New Jersey Municipal Income Tr$111.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteBSE Inactive SymbolBlackRock New York Insured Municipal Inc$94.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteBLHBlackrock New York Municipal 2018 Term T$53.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteBQHBlackrock New York Municipal Bond Trust$38.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteBFYBlackrock New York Municipal Incme Tr II$71.0MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteBNYBlackrock New York Municipal Income Trst$180.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteBCXBlackRock Resources and Commodities$835.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteBSTBlackRock Science & Technology Trust$451.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteBSDBlackrock Strategic Municipal Trust Fund$96.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBBNBlackrock Taxable Municipal Bond Trust$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteBGBBlackstone / GSO Strategic Credit Fund$715.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteBSLBlackstone/GSO Senior Fltg Rt Term Fund$274.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteBIFBoulder Growth and Income Fund Inc$1.0BNYSE
Company WebsiteHHYBrookfield High Income Fund Inc$179.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteBOIBrookfield Mortgage Opportunity Income$325.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteHTRBrookfield Total Return Fund Inc$292.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteCHICalamos Conv. Opptys. & Income Fund$760.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCHYCalamos Convertible & Hi Income Fund$816.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCCDCalamos Dynamic Convertible & Incm Fd$460.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCHWCalamos Global Dynamic Income Fund$456.1MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCGOCalamos Global Total Return Fund$99.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCSQCalamos Strategic Total Return Fund$1.7BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCPTACapitala Finance Corp$227.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteIGRCBRE Clarion Global Real Estate Incm Fd$858.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteCENCenter Coast MLP & Infrastructure Fund$242.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteCEECentral Europe Russia and Turkey Fd Inc$169.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteCEFCentral Fund of Canada Limited (USA)$3.2BNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteCETCentral Securities Corp.$580.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteCHNChina Fund Inc$262.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteCBAClearBridge American Energy MLP Fund Inc$557.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteCEMClearBridge Energy MLP Fund Inc$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteCTRClearbridge Energy MLP Total Return Fund$499.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteGLVClough Global Dividend and Income Fund$133.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteGLQClough Global Equity Fund$216.0MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteGLOClough Global Opportunities Fund$521.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteFOFCohen & Steers Clsd-End Optuny Fnd, Inc.$336.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteUTFCohen & Steers infrastucture Fund Inc$1.8BNYSE
LDPCohen & Steers Limited Drtn Prfd&Incm Fd$738.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteRQICohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Inc$1.3BNYSE
Company WebsiteRNPCohen & Steers REIT/Pfd Inc Fd$911.9MNYSE
Company WebsitePSFCohen & Steers Select Pref & Inc Fd, Inc$321.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteRFICohen & Steers Total Return Real. Fd Inc$322.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMIECohen & Strs MLP Inc & Ergy Oprty Fd Inc$296.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteINBCohen and Steers Global Income Builder$212.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteSTKColumbia Seligman Premium Tech Gt$318.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteCLMCornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc.$460.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteCRFCornerstone Total Return Fund Inc$208.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteCIKCredit Suisse AM Inc Fund Inc.$172.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteXRDCCrossroads Capital Inc$22.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSRFCushing Energy Income Fund$22.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteSRVCushing MLP Total Return Fund$92.3MNYSE
SZCCushing Renaissance Fund$110.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteCSICutwater Select Income Fund$203.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteDEXDelaware Enhanced Glbl. Div. & Inc. Fund$167.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteVFLDelaware Investments Natnl Mncpl Incm Fd$57.9MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteVMMDelaware Invstmt Mnst Mnpl Inm Fd II Inc$165.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteLBFDeutsche Global High Income Fund Inc$54.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteDHGDeutsche High Income Opportunitis Fd Inc$220.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteKHI Inactive SymbolDeutsche High Income Trust$144.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteKMMDeutsche Multi-Market Income Trust$198.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteKTFDeutsche Municipal Income Trust$515.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteKSTDeutsche Strategic Income Trust$53.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteKSMDeutsche Strategic Municipal Incom Trust$137.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteDNIDividend And Income Fund Inc$128.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteDNPDNP Select Income Fund Inc.$3.0BNYSE
DSLDoubleLine Income Solutions Fund$2.0BNYSE
Company WebsiteDBLDoubleline Opportunistic Credit Fund$346.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteDHFDreyfus High Yield Strategies Fund$243.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteDMBDreyfus Municipal Bond Infrstrctr Fd Inc$229.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteDMFDreyfus Municipal Income, Inc.$179.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteLEODreyfus Strategic Muni.$525.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteDSMDreyfus Strategic Municipal Bond Fund$404.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteDTFDTF Tax Free Income Inc.$125.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteDPGDuff & Phelps Global Utility Incm Fd Inc$608.0MNYSE
DSEDuff & Phelps Select Energy MLP Fund Inc$196.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteDUCDuff & Phelps Utility & Corp Bond Trust$252.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteECCEagle Point Credit Company Inc$318.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteEVTEaton V.Tax-Advantaged Dividend Inc Fund$1.6BNYSE
Company WebsiteEVMEaton Vance California Municipal Bond Fd$239.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEIAEaton Vance California Municpl Bnd Fd II$44.9MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEOSEaton Vance Enhanced Equity Incm. Fd. II$648.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteEOI Inactive SymbolEaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund$471.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteEFTEaton Vance Floating-Rate Income Trust$632.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteEFFEaton Vance FloatingRate Incme Plus Fund$128.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteEVVEaton Vance Ltd Duration Income Fund$1.6BNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteMIWEaton Vance Michigan Municipal Bond Fund$19.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEIMEaton Vance Municipal Bond Fund$831.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteETXEaton Vance Municipal Incm 2028 Term Tr$206.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteEVNEaton Vance Municipal Income Trust$295.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteEOTEaton Vance National Municipl Opprtnt Tr$319.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteEVJ Inactive SymbolEaton Vance New Jersey Municipal Incm Tr$59.9MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEVYEaton Vance New York Muni. Incm. Trst Fd$69.0MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteENXEaton Vance New York Municipal Bond Fund$189.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEVOEaton Vance Ohio Municipal Income Trust$38.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEVPEaton Vance Pennsylvania Municipal$31.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEIPEaton Vance Pennsylvania Municipal Bond$36.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteETJEaton Vance Risk-Mngd Dvrsfd Eqty Inc Fd$589.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteEFREaton Vance Senior Floating-Rate Trust$580.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteEVFEaton Vance Senior Income Trust$265.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteEVGEaton Vance Short Duration Diversified I$255.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteETVEaton Vance Tax Managed Buy Write Opport$988.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteETYEaton Vance Tax Managed Diversified Eq.$1.7BNYSE
Company WebsiteEXD Inactive SymbolEaton Vance Tax-Adv Bnd & Optn Strtgs Fd$116.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteETOEaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Divide$346.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteETGEaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Global Dvd.$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteETBEaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Income$406.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteETWEaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Buy-Write$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteEXGEaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Dive Eq$2.6BNYSE
Company WebsiteECFEllsworth Growth and Income Fund Ltd$111.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteEEAEuropean Equity Fund Inc.$69.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteFPTFederated Premier Intermediate Municipal$89.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteFMNFederated Premier Municipal Income$84.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteFMOFiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund$519.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteFDUSFidus Investment Corp$387.5MNASDAQ
FSFRFifth Street Senior Floating Rate Corp$261.7MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteFAV Inactive SymbolFirst Trust Dividend and Income Fund$73.3MNYSE
FDEUFirst Trust Dynamic Europe Eqty Incm Fd$319.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteFENFirst Trust Energy Income & Growth Fund$522.2MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteFFAFirst Trust Enhanced Equity Income Fund$288.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteFSDFirst Trust High Income Long/short Fund$585.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteFPFFirst Trust Intrmdt Drtn Prfrd & Incm Fd$1.4BNYSE
Company WebsiteFEIFirst Trust MLP and Energy Income Fund$746.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteFPLFirst Trust New Opprtnts MLP & Engy Fd$316.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteFCT Inactive SymbolFirst Trust Senior Fltng Rate Incm Fd II$361.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteFGBFirst Trust Spclty Fin & Fncl Opptnts Fd$103.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteFHYFirst Trust Strategic High Income Fd II$106.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteFEOFirst Trust/aberdeen Emerging Oppo$80.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteFAMFirst Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity$199.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteFMYFirst Trust/FIDAC Mortgage Income Fund$59.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteSVVCFirsthand Technology Value Fund Inc$62.1MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePFOFlaherty & Crumrine Pref. Incme Opp. Fd.$144.3MNYSE
Company WebsitePFDFlaherty & Crumrine Pref. Income Fd Inc.$162.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteFLCFlaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fd Inc$202.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteFFCFlaherty&Crumrine Prfrd Scts Incm Fd Inc$881.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteFTFranklin Universal Trust$173.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteFSICFS Investment Corporation$2.4BNYSE
Company WebsiteFULL Inactive SymbolFull Circle Capital Corp$60.0MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGCVGabelli Convertbl and Incm Scrts Fnd Inc$69.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteGABGabelli Equity Trust Inc$1.3BNYSE
Company WebsiteGRXGabelli Healthcare & WellnessRx Trust$202.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteGGTGabelli Multimedia Trust Inc$193.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteGUTGabelli Utility Trust$286.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteGGNGAMCO Global Gold Ntrl Rsrcs & Incm Trst$657.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteGNTGamco Natural Resources Gold & Incm Trst$143.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteGDLGDL Fund$186.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteGAMGeneral American Investors Co. Inc.$948.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteGLADGladstone Capital Corporation$228.7MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGAINGladstone Investment Corporation$275.4MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGERGoldman Sachs MLP and Energy Renassnc Fd$615.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteGMZGoldman Sachs MLP Income Opportun Fund$458.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteGBDCGolub Capital BDC Inc$1.1BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGSVCGSV Capital Corp$102.7MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGGMGuggenheim Credit Allocation Fund$153.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteGPMGuggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Fund.$154.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteGGEGuggenheim Enhanced Equity Strategy Fund$85.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteGOFGuggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund$370.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteGBABGuggenheim Taxabl Mncpl Mngd Drtn Trst$378.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteHCAPHarvest Capital Credit Corp$92.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteCUBAHerzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund, Inc$40.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteHRZNHorizon Technology Finance Corp$122.1MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteVKIInvesco Advantage Municipal Income Tr II$486.5MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteVBFInvesco Bond Fund$210.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteVTAInvesco Dynamic Credit Opportunities Fd$918.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteOIAInvesco Municipal Income Opp Trust$352.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteVKQInvesco Municipal Trust$676.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteVPVInvesco Pennsylvania Value Mncpl Incm Tr$285.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteIQIInvesco Quality Municipal Income Trust$640.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteVVRInvesco Senior Income Trust$844.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteIIMInvesco Value Municipal Income Trust$671.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteVLTInvesco Van Kampen High Income Trust II$115.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteVMOInvesco Van Kampen Municpl Opprtnty Trst$867.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteVCVInvesco Van Kmpn Calf Vl Mncpl Incm Trst$170.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteVTNInvesco Van Kmpn Trst for Inv Gr NY Mcps$257.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteVGMInvesco Van Kmpn Trst Fr Invst Grd Mncpl$693.6MNYSE
IVHIvy High Income Opportunities Fund$247.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteJOFJapan Smaller Capitalizaion Fund Inc.$298.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteBTOJohn Hancock Financial Opprts Fund$675.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteJHSJohn Hancock Income Securities Trust$164.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteJHIJohn Hancock Investors Trust$145.9MNYSE
Company WebsitePDTJohn Hancock Patriot Premium Div Fund II$762.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteHPFJohn Hancock Pref. Income Fund II$444.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteHPIJohn Hancock Preferred Income Fund$544.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteHPSJohn Hancock Preferred Income Fund III$578.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteHTDJohn Hancock Tax-Advantage Dvd Incom Fd.$913.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteHTYJohn Hancock Tax-Advntgd Glbl SH Yld Fd$96.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteJFCJPMorgan China Region Fund Inc$116.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteKEDKayne Anderson Energy Development Co.$204.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteKYEKayne Anderson Energy Total Return Fund$446.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteKMFKayne Anderson Midstream Energy Fd, Inc.$349.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteKYNKayne Anderson MLP Investment Co.$2.3BNYSE
Company WebsiteKCAPKCAP Financial Inc$147.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteKIOKKR Income Opportunities Fund$257.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteKEFKorea Equity Fund Inc.$83.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteKFKorea Fund Inc.$247.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteLDFLatin American Discovery Fund Inc.$70.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteLGILazard Global Total Return & Income Fund$143.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteLORLazard World Dividend & Income Fund, Inc$71.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteBWGLegg Mason BW Global Income Opptys Fund$261.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteUSALiberty All-Star Equity Fund$1.0BNYSE
Company WebsiteASG Inactive SymbolLiberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc.$107.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteSCDLMP Capital and Income Fund Inc.$254.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMGUMacquarie Global Infr Total Rtrn Fnd Inc$273.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMFDMacquarie/First Trust Global Infrstrctre$104.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteMCNMadison Covered Call & Equity Strtgy Fd$153.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteMSPMadison Strategic Sector Premium Fund$69.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMMDMainstay Definedterm Municipal Opptys Fd$513.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteMZFManaged Duration Invtmt Grd Mun Fund$88.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteMCCMedley Capital Corp$416.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteMXEMexico Equity and Income Fund$77.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteMXFMexico Fund Inc.$240.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteMCRMFS Charter Income Trust$464.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMGFMFS Government Markets Income Trust$159.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteCXEMFS High Income Municipal Trust$156.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteCMUMFS High Yield Municipal Trust$128.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteCIFMFS Intermediate High Income Fund$54.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteMINMFS Intermediate Income Trust$501.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteCXHMFS Investment Grade Municipal Trust$110.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteMMTMFS Multimarket Income Trust$471.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteMFMMFS Municipal Income Trust$281.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteMFVMFS Special Value Trust$41.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteAPFMorgan Stanley Asia Pacific Fund Inc.$208.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteCAFMorgan Stanley China A Share Fund, Inc.$403.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteMSDMorgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt$212.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteEDDMorgan Stanley Emerging Markets Domestic$520.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMSFMorgan Stanley Emerging Markets Fund Inc$211.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteICBMorgan Stanley Income Securities Inc.$158.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteIIFMorgan Stanley India Investment Fund Inc$464.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteMVCMVC Capital, Inc.$199.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteNBWNeuberger Ber. CA Intermediate Muni Fund$76.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNBH Inactive SymbolNeuberger Ber. Intermediate Muni. Fund$278.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNHSNeuberger Berman High Yield Strateges Fd$228.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNMLNeuberger Berman MLP Income Fund Inc$555.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNBONeuberger Berman NY Intrmdt Mncpl Fd Inc$62.2MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNRONeuberger Berman Real Estate Sec Inc Fd$290.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteHYBNew America High Income Fund Inc.$215.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteGFNew Germany Fund Inc.$227.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteNMFCNew Mountain Finance Corp.$1.0BNYSE
Company WebsiteNHFNexpoint Credit Strategies Fund$366.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteJMLPNuveen All Cap Energy MLP Opportunities$128.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteNUWNuveen Amt-Free Municipal Value Fund$235.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteNEANuveen Amt-Free Quality Municpl Incm Fnd$3.5BNYSE
Company WebsiteNAZNuveen Arizona Premium Income Mun Fd$157.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteNBDNuveen Build America Bond Opp Fund$151.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteNXCNuveen CA Select Tax-Free Income Portfol$93.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteNKXNuveen California Amt-Free Munpl Incm Fd$682.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteNZH Inactive SymbolNuveen California Dvdnd Advntg Munpl Fd3$333.9MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNCANuveen California Municipal Value Fund$275.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteNACNuveen California Quality Mncpl Incm Fnd$115.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteNTCNuveen Connecticut Premium Income Mun Fd$175.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteJCENuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund$223.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteJDDNuveen Diversified Dividend & Income Fd.$233.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteNADNuveen Dividend Advantage Municipal Fund$525.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteJMFNuveen Energy MLP Total Return Fund$520.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteNZFNuveen Enhanced Municipal Crdt Opptys Fd$2.0BNYSE
Company WebsiteJPWNuveen Flexible Investment Income Fund$62.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteJFRNuveen Floating Rate Income Fund$626.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteJRONuveen Floating Rate Income Opportnty Fd$459.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteNKGNuveen Georgia Dividend Advntg Mncpl Fd2$132.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteJGV Inactive SymbolNuveen Global Equity Income Fund$224.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteJHYNuveen High Income 2020 Target Term Fund$139.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteJHANuveen High Income Dec 2018 Trgt Trm Fnd$295.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteNIDNuveen Intermediate Duration Munpl Tm Fd$592.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteNIQNuveen Intermediate Duration Qlty Mun FD$161.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteNQM Inactive SymbolNuveen Investment Quality Municipal Fund$640.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteNMYNuveen Maryland Premium Income Municipal$297.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteNMTNuveen Massachusetts Pre Income Mun Fd$124.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteNUMNuveen Michigan Qlity Incom Municipal Fd$271.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteJLS Inactive SymbolNuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund$388.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteJMTNuveen Mortgage Opportunity Term Fund 2$115.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteJMMNuveen Multi Market Income Fund Inc$69.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteNMZ Inactive SymbolNuveen Municipal High Income Oppty Fund$770.0MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNMINuveen Municipal Income Fund Inc.$94.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteNMO Inactive SymbolNuveen Municipal Market Opp Fund Inc$677.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteNUVNuveen Municipal Value Fund Inc$2.0BNYSE
Company WebsiteNXJNuveen New Jersey Dividend Advantg Mncpl$557.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteNJVNuveen New Jersey Municipal Value Fund$22.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNANNuveen New York Dividend Advntg Mncpl Fd$415.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteNYV Inactive SymbolNuveen New York Municipal Value Fund 2$37.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteNNCNuveen North Carol Premium Incom Mun Fd$211.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteNNYNuveen NY Municipal Value$145.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteNXNNuveen NY Select Tax-Free Income Portfol$52.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteNUONuveen Ohio Quality Income Muncpl Fund$269.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteNQPNuveen Pennsylvania Invsmt Qlty Mncpl Fd$484.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteNPP Inactive SymbolNuveen Performance Plus Municipal Fund$938.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteJPINuveen Preferred & Income Term Fund$540.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteJPCNuveen Preferred Income Opportunities Fd$969.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteJPSNuveen Preferred Securities Income Fund$1.9BNYSE
Company WebsiteNPF Inactive SymbolNuveen Premier Municipal Income Fund Inc$293.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteNPM Inactive SymbolNuveen Premium Income Muni Fund 2 Inc$1.1BNYSE
Company WebsiteNPI Inactive SymbolNuveen Premium Income Municipal Fund Inc$962.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteJRINuveen Real Asset Income and Growth Fund$164.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteJRS Inactive SymbolNuveen Real Estate Income Fund$337.4MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteBXMXNuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund$1.4BNYSE
Company WebsiteSPXXNuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwrite Fund$245.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteNIM Inactive SymbolNuveen Select Maturities Municipal Fund$129.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteNQS Inactive SymbolNuveen Select Quality Municipal Fund Inc$537.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteNXQNuveen Select Tax Free Incom Portfolio 2$236.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteNXRNuveen Select Tax-Free Incom Portfolio 3$183.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteNXPNuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio$233.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteNSLNuveen Senior Income Fund$269.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteJTDNuveen Tax-Advantaged Dividend Growth Fd$214.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteJTANuveen Tax-Advantaged Ttl Rtrn Strtgy Fd$166.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteNTXNuveen Texas Quality Income Municipal Fd$141.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteNPVNuveen Va Premium Income Municipal Fund$228.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteOFSOFS Capital Corp$141.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteOHAIOHA Investment Corp$31.7MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteOXLCOxford Lane Capital Corp$212.6MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePHFPacholder High Yield Fund Inc$100.6MNYSE MKT
Company WebsitePCMPCM Fund, Inc.$118.5MNYSE
Company WebsitePFLTPennantpark Floating Rate Capital Ltd$371.5MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePNNTPennantPark Investment Corp.$573.5MNASDAQ
Company WebsitePCKPimco CA Muni. Income Fund II$305.4MNYSE
Company WebsitePZCPimco CA Muni. Income Fund III$259.5MNYSE
Company WebsitePCQPimco CA Municipal Income Fund$298.2MNYSE
Company WebsitePCNPimco Corporate & Income Strategy Fund$607.7MNYSE
Company WebsitePTYPIMCO Corporate&Income Opportunity Fund$1.1BNYSE
PCIPimco Dynamic Credit and Mortgg Incm Fnd$2.9BNYSE
Company WebsitePDIPIMCO Dynamic Income Fund$1.3BNYSE
Company WebsitePGPPIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income Fund$183.4MNYSE
Company WebsitePHKPIMCO High Income Fund$1.1BNYSE
Company WebsitePKOPIMCO Income Opportunity Fund$370.9MNYSE
Company WebsitePFLPimco Income Strategy Fund$280.3MNYSE
Company WebsitePFNPimco Income Strategy Fund II$591.0MNYSE
PMFPimco Municipal Income Fund$332.5MNYSE
Company WebsitePMLPimco Municipal Income Fund II$763.5MNYSE
Company WebsitePMXPimco Municipal Income Fund III$365.1MNYSE
Company WebsitePNIPimco NY Muni Income Fund II$125.3MNYSE
Company WebsitePYNPimco NY Muni. Income Fund III$53.1MNYSE
Company WebsitePNFPimco NY Municipal Income Fund$94.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteRCSPIMCO Strategic Income Fund, Inc$391.0MNYSE
Company WebsitePHDPioneer Floating Rate Trust$305.8MNYSE
Company WebsitePHTPioneer High Income Trust$285.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteMHIPioneer Municipal High Income Trust$259.1MNYSE
Company WebsitePGZPrincipal Real Estate Income Fund$115.2MNYSE
Company WebsitePSECProspect Capital Corporation$3.3BNASDAQ
Company WebsiteGHYPrudential Global Short Du Hig Yd FD Inc$606.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteISDPrudential Short Duration High Yield FD$510.9MNYSE
Company WebsitePCFPutnam High Income Securities Fund$118.4MNYSE
Company WebsitePMMPutnam Managed Municipal Income Trust$390.8MNYSE
Company WebsitePIMPutnam Master Int. Income$254.6MNYSE
PMOPutnam Municipal Opportunities Trust$490.8MNYSE
Company WebsitePPTPutnam Premier Income Trust$648.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteUTGReaves Utility Income Fund$1.1BNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteRCGRenn Fund Inc$5.9MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteRIFRMR Real Estate Income Fund$157.8MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteRMTRoyce Micro Capital Trust Inc.$306.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteRVTRoyce Value Trust Inc$1.1BNYSE
Company WebsiteSMMSalient Midstream & MLP Fund$229.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteSLRCSolar Capital Ltd.$938.8MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSUNSSolar Senior Capital Ltd$289.5MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSORSource Capital, Inc.$327.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteSPESpecial Opportunities Fund Inc.$139.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteSCMStellus Capital Investment Corp$181.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteEDFStone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fnd$250.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteEDIStone Harbor Emerging Mkt Total Incom FD$148.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteBANXStoneCastle Financial Corp$130.2MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteSWZSwiss Helvetia Fund Inc.$323.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteTWNTaiwan Fund Inc. (The)$145.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteTCPCTCP Capital Corp$909.1MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteTSITCW Strategic Income Fund Inc.$264.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteHQHTekla Healthcare Investors$919.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteTHQTekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund$756.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteHQLTekla Life Sciences Investors$387.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteTDFTempleton Dragon Fund Inc$629.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteEMFTempleton Emerging Markets$250.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteTEITempleton Emerging Markets Income Fund$545.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteGIMTempleton Global Income Fund$885.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteTTFThai Fund Inc.$98.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteAPBThe Asia Pacific Fund, Inc.$114.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteGRRThe Asia Tigers Fund, Inc.$37.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteGDVThe Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust$145.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteIFNThe India Fund, Inc.$706.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteIRLThe New Ireland Fund, Inc.$68.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteZFThe Zweig Fund, Inc.$194.2MNYSE
TSLFTHL Credit Senior Loan Fund$135.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteTCRDTHL Credit, Inc.$321.9MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteTICCTICC Capital Corp.$371.1MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteNDPTortoise Energy Independence Fund Inc$225.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteTYGTortoise Energy Infrastructure Corp.$1.6BNYSE
Company WebsiteNTGTortoise MLP Fund, Inc.$929.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteTPZTortoise Power & Energy Infrstrct Fd Inc$150.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteTSLXTPG Specialty Lending Inc$1.2BNYSE
Company WebsiteTYTri-Continental Corporation$1.3BNYSE
Company WebsiteTCAPTriangle Capital Corporation$769.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteTPVGTriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp$223.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteTKFTurkish Investment Fund Inc$39.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteZTRVirtus Global Dividend & Income Fund Inc$312.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteVGIVirtus Global Multi-Sector Income Fund$180.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteDCAVirtus Total Return Fund$123.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteIAEVoya Asia Pacific High Divid Eqt Incm Fd$125.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteIHDVoya Emerging Markets High Div Equity Fd$168.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteIGAVoya Global Advantage and Prem Oppty Fd$191.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteIGDVoya Global Equity Div & Prm Oppty Fund$706.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteIDEVoya Infrastructure Industrls & Mtrls Fd$282.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteIIDVoya International High Div Eqt Incm Fd$57.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteIRRVoya Natural Resources Equity Income Fnd$141.8MNYSE
Company WebsitePPRVoya Prime Rate Trust$814.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteEODWells Fargo Global Dividend Oppty Fund$273.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteEADWells Fargo Income Opportunities Fund$590.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteERCWells Fargo Multi-Sector Income Fund$558.1MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteERHWells Fargo Utilities and High Incm Fund$114.7MNYSE MKT
Company WebsiteTLIWestern Asset Corporate Loan Fund Inc$116.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteESDWestern Asset Emerging Mrkts Dbt Fnd Inc$460.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteGDF Inactive SymbolWestern Asset Glbl Partners Incm Fnd Inc$145.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteGDOWestern Asset Global Corp Defind Opp Fnd$259.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteEHIWestern Asset Global High Income Fnd Inc$455.1MNYSE
Company WebsiteHIXWestern Asset High Income Fund II Inc.$625.0MNYSE
Company WebsitePAIWestern Asset Income Fund$133.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteIGIWestern Asset Invest. Grade Defined Opp$217.9MNYSE
Company WebsiteMHY Inactive SymbolWestern Asset Managed High Incm Fnd Inc.$229.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteMMUWestern Asset Managed Municipals Fnd Inc$589.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteDMOWestern Asset Mrtg Defined Oppn Fund Inc$252.5MNYSE
Company WebsiteMTTWestern Asset Municipal D Opp Trust Inc.$269.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteMHFWestern Asset Municipal Hgh Incm Fnd Inc$154.2MNYSE
Company WebsiteMNPWestern Asset Municipal Partners Fnd Inc$145.7MNYSE
Company WebsiteWEAWestern Asset Premier Bond Fund$159.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteGFYWestern Asset Vrble Rate Strtgc Fnd Inc.$78.6MNYSE
Company WebsiteSBWWestern Asset Worldwide Income Fund Inc.$141.4MNYSE
Company WebsiteHIOWestern Asst High Incm Opprtnty Fnd Inc.$651.3MNYSE
Company WebsiteWIAWestern Ast Clymr Infl Lkd Sc & Incm Fd$328.8MNYSE
Company WebsiteWHFWhiteHorse Finance Inc$246.9MNASDAQ
Company WebsiteEMDWstrn Asst Emrgng Mrkts Incm Fnd Inc.$440.0MNYSE
Company WebsiteWIWWstrn Ast Clymr Infltn Lkd Opts & Inc Fd$682.1MNYSE